Tuesday, 26 April 2011

My Garden

Hi, thought I would share some pics I took yesterday of the garden, love this time of year when everything starts to open up and grow, love this tree fern how it survives our winter amazes me and lots of my Clematis have started to flower already, must be due to the fact that over the last ten days we have had a mini heat wave!


  1. Your garden is so pretty! A nice time of the year indeed...

    Alas, in South Africa, we are in Autumn and it is getting colder as it heads towards winter. Love all the autumn colours though... :)

  2. My clematis vines are not blooming yet....They're just starting to get leaves. My ferns are just peeking out of the ground. I'm so glad spring is here! YIPPY! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I can report that Spring has sprung here in the south of Sweden,too. Beautiful daffodils and other bulbous plants are in full bloom and the paeonys are standing tall in the beds. Of course they are not bloomomg yet, but adding beautiful colour with their red stems. And the remaining tulips that has not been eaten by the pheasants during the cold winter are showing wonderful signs of Spring as well.
    I think I will share some photos of my own in a day or two...good idea!!...Thanks!

  4. Your garden looks as lush as mine here. Everything grows so well in our tropical weather. Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog. Have a great weekend yourself.

  5. Your garden looks gorgeous. In ZA we're preparing for winter and it promises to be a cold one in Cape Town where I live. Thanks for visiting my blog today, I just became your latest follower.

  6. Ooooh looks lush! LOVE those ferns! Have a couple in my garden but they never have to contend with any really harsh cold here - they do have to survive some serious summer temperatures though! Now I see that incl. me you have 3 commenters from South Africa! Quite interesting...Thanks SO much for your kind thought re the chocolate :) :) :) but really it's not necessary, although I am very touched by your thoughtfulness...I am quite fat enough & to be honest there is enough of a supply around these parts too. You are very generous to make the offer though! xx

  7. Your garden looks so gorgeous.!!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog today,and leave a wonderful comments..so nice !!
    I just became your latest follower.
    Hugs from Brazil

  8. Isn't it great to see some green? Of course where I live it's a rarity. One has to work hard to make something lush and beautiful here in the desert. I love your tropical feel. The ferns are so pretty.

  9. Fabulous garden! We live in an apartment, so no garden here but plenty of good friends who have one!!!!

    Your RAK arrived yesterday and DD and I are thrilled!!!

  10. I have a clematis vine with buds, but no green leaves on the bottom(!). Yours is beautiful!

  11. Pretty photos! Lovely garden! I love your blog header too! Don't know if I've already said that... but it looks new! :D

    I'm really BUSTING for my copy of Somerset Memories!!! LOL!!!