Monday, 16 February 2015

Scrap Room

Hi tried to post these over at Disneyscrappers, gave up and thought I would try here my internet is playing up!
This is my new room, we decorated it last October, most of the units are from Ikea.
This is my view from the door, it's tiny right! I tried to make the most of storage and get as much in but still keep it tidy.

This was the desk I choose all my Copics fit in perfectly and I can hide the wires for laptop, sewing machine and Cricut but it's all ready to go.
The shelving is nice as I can hide things but also have some display areas which I've never had before.

The finishing touches, I made the pelmet and I was going for an Alice in Wonderland Theme, think I need a few more quirky pieces, thanks for checking out my blog x


  1. Very cool room, Doreen! I am looking at IKEA furniture now in the planning for my new room, and I love how yours looks...especially the open shelves, so it doesn't look just packed in with stuff like mine does! And your desk unit is those copic drawers open or do you reach in? Like it a lot---very clean looking.

  2. Ohhhhhhh I love love love your space!!!!!

  3. Nice area. I really like the shelves although that desk area will be full in 5 minutes if it was mine!

  4. What a gorgeous room, totally jealous!

  5. Wow, Doreen! what a gorgeous room! Enjoy it my friend! xx